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The Whole Class Checks

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The Whole Class Checks

Al jabraAl jabraAl jabra 6 Answers Your question is about the consequences for the lecturer, but you've asked in comments what you should do.. Also throughout the module we got the impression the lecturer was really concerned about us and we got the impression people have done really badly in this module in previous years to cause him concern.. Given it's two days from the exam, and I'm guessing it's in maths or similar, I think you should start memorising.. What are the implications, if any, for the lecturer or the university if everyone in the class fails the final exam? I am in the UK.. You're more likely to convince someone you deserve to pass if you can show you've understood the basic ideas of the topic. HERE

The lecturer mentioned that the department was thinking of scrapping this module so this may be the last time it is run.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 / This program translates whole dollar amounts into words for the purpose of writing checks.. But these assignments in total only account for 20% of the final module grade The final exam accounts for 80% of the final grade.. In the UK, if it's felt that noone has reached the required standard then noone will pass.. The module has been taught exceptionally poorly and as a result none of us can see ourselves passing the module.

Jessica BJessica B14 3k22 gold badges3838 silver badges6161 bronze badgesFirst, to make sure that we are talking about the same thing, let me make clear that my answer pertains to a scenario in which the entire class failed after making a sincere, good faith effort to study and do as well as possible on the exam.

Entering a negative terminates the program I am an MSc student and in my class are 10 people.. Billionaire Robert F Smith stunned Morehouse Colleges Class of 2019 when he pledged over the weekend to pay off their student loans.. In the open book homework assignments, the class average has been high, around the 60%-70% region.. Still, it would not be a popular move to fail a whole class What the effect on the lecturer would be will depend on their position, and what the uni is like. 0041d406d9

The basic paradigm is that everyone is measure against a standard, unlike in North America where it's more about measuring students against the others in the class.. The exam is in two days time By failing the exam we will have to retake it in the summer because we will not met the threshold to pass the module.. The pass mark is 40% (usually), and with high homework scores you can pass with slightly less than that.. Make sure you can reproduce the key definitions and theorems, and have at least an intuitive understanding on the methods of proof appropriate to what you are doing.. Talking to other lecturers in private, have supported the fact that this professor is very bad and has not taught the module well enough to prepare us for the exam. 5